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1-1/2" Mini Inside corner block

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Part Number: 1-1/2" Mini Inside corner block
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Best blocks in America! 1-1/2" inside corner blocks are one part, smooth, seamless, lightweight decorative blocks. Easy to install and cut to size - Just caulk to the wall - No nails needed! 75% the hardness of wood. No priming required. Order 1 block for an inside corner. Order 2 blocks to form a center block. Order 3 blocks to form an outside corner. (see thumbnail pictures above) molding that's easy to install! No nails or fasteners. Put a bead of painters caulk on the top and back surface, press to the wall and ceiling. Wipe off the caulk on the seams. Install the molding and caulk the seams in one step!

Trend Crown Molding is here to help give your home the professional look you have always wanted! Whether you are a professional at mold décor, or beginner, our crown molds are designed to be easily applicable for any skill level. By choosing our molds, you will feel like a professional from the first day on with how easy it is to install. No matter what skill level, the result is always the same, a well-done, professional looking mold that we guarantee you and your guests will fall in love with!

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