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Trend Crown Molding offers an easy way to install styrofoam crown molding, flexible crown molding, base molding, and chair rail moldings. Foam crown molding costs less than wood crown moldings, polyurethane, and urethane moldings. It is the most inexpensive, decorative crown molding that you will find today. It is a very easy crown to install our ceiling molding whether you may be a beginner or a pro. No hammers, nails, screws or saws are needed. No compound miter cutting needed.

Whatever mold you may choose, installation comes at no hassle! You will feel like a professional with our easy-to-install crown molds. Not only can our crown moldings enhance the interior design of your home, they can even be installed and used to add beauty and aesthetic appeal to the exterior design of your house as well. Whatever you need covered, our moldings will be able to adhere to any surface you can think of! Even the damp or wet areas you may worry about…now you do not have to because our crown moldings are even designed to adhere and endure in those tougher areas! No matter where the moldings are installed, inside or outside, dry, wet, or damp, not only can they adhere to any surface and endure the conditions, they will also not contract and expand like wood crown moldings. In fact, at Trend Crown Molding, we even guarantee that our crown moldings will not expand or contract and will look beautiful from the first day of installation onward.

No matter what mold you need for your specific design, we promise a great, beautiful, and professional look you can be proud of and show off to your guests. Trend Crown Molding is located in the Chicago area and distributes nationwide and worldwide. Our goal is to turn you into the professional you can be, no matter what skill level you may possess. After installation, you will certainly be proud of the way it looks in your home. Our crown moldings will give you the look you have always wanted, but will also not hurt your wallet!

Trend Crown Molding is here to help give your home the professional look you have always wanted! Whether you are a professional at mold décor, or beginner, our crown molds are designed to be easily applicable for any skill level. By choosing our molds, you will feel like a professional from the first day on with how easy it is to install. No matter what skill level, the result is always the same, a well-done, professional looking mold that we guarantee you and your guests will fall in love with!